Sullen and slate-grey,
the sky lights up slowly,
in its own good time,
rinsed with lemon luminescence,
a bleached handkerchief
embroidered with distant gulls.
Smaller seabirds, snatched
by the polar wind,
flutter like leaves,
tumbling acrobats
that land and curtsey
on salt encrusted rocks.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Image result for acrobatic puffins pinterest
Image found on Pinterest

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: Rock

Mish is our host for the Quadrille today and the word she has chosen is rock.

19 thoughts on “Seabirds

  1. This is absolutely outstanding–ab amazing word picture that brought me along with you in every word. I have spent a many years living within a short drive or walk at the ocean. So good, Kim. Feel better my friend.


  2. Like Grace, you had me at “lemon”. This is my favorite poem out here on the trail for this prompt, left with the salty brine on the rock slipped in & stood upon.


  3. I won’t pick a piece…. The whole is a delightful bit that put in the mouth makes the reader smile… and put it back in again. The test of really good poetry — sound.


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