Gathering Poems

Another poem’s formed, quiet words in a silent room
for an anonymous anthology read in a silent room.

Poems map success and failure, track winter’s raging floods
and untarnished summer skies dreamt in a silent room.

The playful winds of spring throw blossom at the moon,
while winter draughts weave shadows in a silent room.

Poems step like dancers across a page or screen,
or waltz in soundless dreams in the corner of a silent room.

Her audience is voiceless, the readership unknown
to Kim at her keyboard in the cocoon of a silent room.

Kim M. Russell, 2018

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Woman Writing at a Table by Thomas Anshutz – image found on Pinterest

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Meeting the Bar: Ghazal

Paul, who is hosting tonight’s MTB, tells us that he has long adored the poetry of ancient Persia, particularly the ghazal form. He  explains that the ghazal is a traditional Arabian verse form with the first two lines ending in the same refrain, which is then repeated at the end of each stanza. The ghazal consists of at least five, but often up to fifteeen, two-line stanzas. Each stanza should be independent, but should tie together with the whole, with the final stanza as a signature, where the author can use his/her name to seal the poem.

In a ghazal, the lines should be of similar length and rhythm, and themes are traditionally melancholy, introspective, loving, longing and thoughtful. Paul has provided one example in the classic style and another which is more contemporary to help us compose a ghazal. He says we shouldn’t be overly concerned with perfection but should aim to bring the spirit of the ghazal to the bar.

42 thoughts on “Gathering Poems

  1. My room is never silent, my little desk-side TV on, or my cyber-assistant, Alexa, playing music of my choice. Perhaps my poetry would be better if I generated it in silence!! At any rate, great poem, Kim!

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  2. Oh, I almost faint with delight! This is SOOO gorgeous. Every line and phrase is wonderful … and I particularly liked the poems stepping like dancers.

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  3. This makes me think of “Sounds of Silence”–the silence in that room is quite loud. 🙂
    I really like this: “Poems step like dancers across a page or screen,
    or waltz in soundless dreams in the corner of a silent room.”

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  4. I liked you idea of poems being dancers across the page or screen! The longer I read the more I began realizing that perhaps the silent room is really inside your head!


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