Winter –
by a winnowing wind,
bare branches are ready to yield
to spring.

Kim M. Russell, 2018

Image result for Winter saturated by a winnowing wind, bare branches are ready to yield to spring.
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My response to dVerse poets Pub Meeting the Bar: Brevity — Five Lines

This Thursday Frank is hosting Meeting the Bar and the theme today is brevity. We are writing poems with no more than five lines and no other constraints

I thought I’d try a cinquain.


55 thoughts on “Mid-February

      1. Wow, are you in the UK? I live up at altitude in the Rockies and we don’t see spring blooms until late May usually. When I lived in China I thought it absurd that their spring festival began around early February, but now I see that many places actually have a proper spring and it doesn’t just go from winter to summer overnight!

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      2. It’s amazing to think that you’re up high in the Rockies and I’m down low in one of the flattest places in the UK that is slowly crumbling into the sea. Where I live seems to have its own ecosystem.

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  1. foe someone growing up on the equator i rarely see bare branches, if i do means the tree must be sick, I learnt through my best friend in Canada about the falling leaves from trees in preparation for winter and then spring. your words echo her teaching. nature is so clever in knowing what to to, she even summons the wind, your “winnowing” wind to do her bidding. I had to look that up as i have only read it in connection to farming work!

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  2. Ah.. I like thinking that the branches are getting all bumpy and lumpy with the buds raring to break through. I only hope that they can wait to open when it is well and truly spring so that there is no danger to them being ruined by winter deciding to stay a bit longer.

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