Falling Stars

Gemini and Andromeda burn
among a welter of stars:
some are rising, others have fallen,
they are the souls of mortal children.
Remember to catch the falling stars,
polish them until they sparkle and glisten,
love them so much they won’t explode
or disappear down a black hole.

Kim M. Russell, 2018

Image result for artwork of falling stars
Falling star, Witold Pruszkowski, 1884 – image found on Pinterest

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads  Wordy Thursday With Wild Woman: Being the Change

This Thursday, Sherry tells us about Marjory Stoneman Douglas, (1890 – 1998): feminist, activist, journalist and environmentalist, known especially for her defence of the Everglades, when developers wanted to drain it. The site of the latest school shooting in Florida was the high school named after her. Sherry says that she is inspired by the young people who are rising and speaking out in response to this tragic event, and suspects that Ms Stoneman Douglas would be standing with them. 

For today’s prompt, Sherry asks what words of encouragement or support can we offer the young people of today? What words of love and sorrow, inspiration and hope?


21 thoughts on “Falling Stars

  1. A poignant idea, that the falling stars are the souls of mortal children. What a beautiful analogy……..sigh. We do need to love our young ones well, so they dont fall into those black holes. Thanks for linking, Kim.

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  2. Nobody wants to see a child’s star fall, and especially not as victims of violence. The world is a troubled place; we must protect the future in our children.

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  3. I like those stars disappearing down the black holes. Never to reappear. BTW, we have families of turtles in East Texas sunning on fallen logs and swimming in the water holes.

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