While I was staying with my daughter, her husband and brand new grandson, another of my poems was published in Volume 5, Chapter 5 of the Visual Verse Anthology. You can find it on page 18 or you can follow the link to Fetching. I’m delighted that Rajani and Misky are also featured again.


8 thoughts on “Fetching

  1. Congrats again Kim – 🙂

    And I was happy to see your name and words show up in the collection.
    (I was thrilled to see mine too – my first showing for my first writing – I’ve always missed the prompts, or have thought “nope, can’t do it – not “good enough” ” – but well, what a rush! And I have to say – Thank you – directly to you, because it was your participating in these challenges, that lead me to VV. These challenges fascinate me – the concept, the diversity of responses etc. So thanks Kim! )

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      1. Fractures … I hemmed and hawed for days about what name to use to submit- went with mine, but stripped into a new way.

        Actually, it’s about “thinking outside the box” – well, LOL – at least for me. I’ve often looked at the image and thought, “WHAT could I do with this … and listen to my mind falling into blank spaces” ….

        oh, and on another note: congrats on becoming a grandmother – I hope your grandson and daughter are well – and that everyone is enjoying the wonder of this moment 🙂

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      2. I’m off to check out your poem!
        Things are looking good now that she’s feeding him properly. The first few days were difficult but she’s gaining confidence and she and baby are more relaxed.also I’m not in the way – there’s not much room in their house. 😊

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      3. LOL@the “voice of reason” – the experience of parenting and knowing when to step back and give space! But this is wonderful – and I’m sure they will settle down beautifully! It’s a special relationship, to be sure 🙂

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