Sea Front at 7 a.m.

Heavy tide inhales wind
and gasps out chilly salty spray,
tangles tongues with rain,
spattering the windscreen
with Neptune’s saliva.
Waves wallop the sea wall –
no gulls today.

In the dry heat of the car,
a disembodied voice
on the radio mourns
the devastation of last night’s storm.

The car behind sounds its horn.

Kim M. Russell, 2018

Image: Seascape, 1879, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir Public Domain

My response to Verse Escape Friday 55 March 30 2018

This is my first visit to Hedgewitch’s Friday 55.  The poem and image she shared have inspired me to re-work a poem I wrote last year.

10 thoughts on “Sea Front at 7 a.m.

  1. ‘tangles tongues with rain…’that is so vivid. This has a mystical touch to it, and the contrast between the wildness and myth of the sea with the hot car of normal life is striking. Glad you could come play 55 with us this week, Kim. (I’m glad you liked the Renoir, also–it was one I had never seen that I found when I searched for an image, and I fell in love with it.)

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