Paradox of Absolutes

How can we grasp reality
without images and  parables?
We live by laws of nature
and sing our hymns of praise;
reach for heaven
and find infinity and flux,
children fishing for stars in oceans.
Like stars we return to dust,
guide others to join up the dots,
to understand the paradox
between belief and reality,
anchors in temporality.

Kim M. Russell, 1st April 2018

Image result for william blake stars
When the Morning Stars Sang Together, William Blake – image found on Pinetrest

My response to the Poetry School NaPoWrimo Prompt for Day 1: Tell Me Something I Don’t Know’, shared on Poets United Poetry Pantry

Today, Ali asked for poems that teach the reader something. Whether it’s an obscure piece of trivia, a word in a new language, or an idea that will change the world, the only stipulation is that the reader should know more at the end than they did at the beginning.

Our example poem is Michael Donaghy’s poem ‘Quorum’.


38 thoughts on “Paradox of Absolutes

  1. Yes, we need to shown (and told) how to live our own lives and hopefully distinguish that which to follow and which shun. As children we absorb so many things and then as we grow up have to determine which course to follow. But the choice is ours and no one elses.

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