Natural Maths

clement weather strips patina
­                              strips wizened bark of winter
­                                                                      winter sky augments hue
sky fat on rain and dew
­                  rain the grey away
­                            echoes away
­                            echoes
­                words echo
tunes to words
tunes of returning birds
­               returning with fluid song
­             a robin’s purling rain song
sure sign that spring’s begun.

Kim M. Russell, 14th April 2018

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My response to The Poetry School NaPoWriMo prompt for Day 14: The Chain (Redux)

Ali says that today’s task is a slight variation on his favourite prompt from last year: The Chain. We have to:

Firstly, pick up a book – poetry or prose, it doesn’t matter – open it at random and pick a sentence we like the look of, then choose a word from that sentence. The first line must include that word somewhere in it.

For the second line, we can write anything, but it must include one word from the first line. The third line should include one word from the second line, the fourth line should include one word from the third line, and so on. In every line, we should pluck one word from the line above until the poem reaches its end – and the word can go anywhere in the line.

I found this really tricky and so hard not to wander off into doggerel.

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