Eres Tu

We wake up one day
and find out who
we really are.
Souls, hearts and lips
we feel it deep
into our bones
and say ‘Eres tu’:
it’s me and it’s you.

Kim M. Russell, 2018

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My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Eres Tú

Marian says that Carla Morrison needs no introduction and provides plenty of inspiration but I have to admit that I have never heard of this singer, so I’m coming to this prompt completely fresh, with no knowledge or understanding of the song. I know only what the visuals tell me and that the title of the song means ‘It’s you’.

27 thoughts on “Eres Tu

  1. I agree with Kerry–that is a moment to celebrate for sure. I adore this tiny poem.
    I’m new-ish to learn of Carla Morrison myself, and have become completely smitten with her voice and talent and style. Just love!

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