Midnight Horror Story

Midnight sculpts moonlight shadows of horror to drink your dreams and suck your screams, sealing your lips with monstrous kisses. Too terrified to open your eyes, you’re paralysed. Your thrash metal heart beats out of time with the night creatures’ call, a chilling signal for the living dead to rise. Cloaked in the foulest funk, […]

Lingering Presence

Tired of childish fears And torrents of tears That reflect your lingering presence Although you’re gone You won’t leave me alone I’m surrounded by your essence My pain is real My wounds won’t heal I crave your evanescence Bound by the life you left behind Your light resonates in my mind A lingering luminescence Haunted […]

Lost to the Sea

My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Friday Night Music Prompt # 56: The Mary Ellen Carter by Stan Rogers   It was once a flourishing coastal resort Mentioned in the Domesday survey, With a toll on every fishing boat That washed its nets within the village boundary. Never a stranger to North Sea outrages, The village crept […]

Woman of the Page

A sonnet to Elizabeth Barrett Browning in response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Friday Night Music Prompt #52: Virginia Woolf, Indigo Girls   You were weak of body but strong of mind, At four a bookworm, a precocious child, Your father’s little Poet Laureate, Who became addicted to opiates. Illness and loss almost drove you insane, Laudanum and […]