A Rugby Roar

Saturday afternoon,
two hours until the train leaves,
the boardwalk springs
under my feet
and the river sports diamonds.
In the stadium at Cardiff Arms Park,
there’s a gathering of voices.
It rises,
echoes like the sea:
the roar of spectators
gathered for rugby.

Kim M. Russell, 2018


Photographs by David Russell

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: Shall we gather?

Lillian is our host this Monday and she’s been thinking about the word ‘gather’. She’s shared quotes and various uses of the word, and says that it seems like a good time to gather our thoughts and creative juice to write a quadrille, a poem of exactly 44 words that includes the word ‘gather’ or a form of the word in the body of the poem.



46 thoughts on “A Rugby Roar

    1. The boardwalk outside Cardiff Arms Park has an amazing shape, like a boat with a railing and posts that are like masts. It leads to a road and a gate to Cardiff Castle arboretum – a beautiful, peaceful spot, with so much blossom! We could hear the rugby fans from there.

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    1. We weren’t even there for the rugby – I was at a GCSE moderation conference. As usual, it finished much earlier than we were told it would so we had time to spare before the train was due. I was amazed at the sound of the crowd drifting from the stadium, along the boardwalk and into the arboretum by Cardiff Castle. What a lovely place that is, full of trees and blossom. – and the castle is impressive too. While I was at the conference, my husband visited the library and Cardiff museum. A couple of years ago he went to the Dr Who exhibition on his own. He loved it but he doesn’t watch Dr Who! He told me all about it, I was dying to go – and it’s closed now!


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