In the Street of the Sky – a quadrille

Audacious night is out there
scattering poems again
like snowflakes, frost or fallen stars,
all over the street of the sky.
Full of wonder,
at the open window,
all I can do is watch carefully
in case night accidentally
drops one in my lap.

Kim M. Russell, 23rd August 2018

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My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Sanaa’s Challenge: On the edge of starry night, also linking up to dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night  and Poets United Poetry Pantry

This week, Sanaa has shared a beautiful poem by e.e. cummings entitled ‘The Hours Rise Up Putting Off Stars And It Is’, which she says completely blew her away – it did the same to me.

Sanaa says our frame of reference is the last line of this poem, which is: ‘in the street of the sky night walks scattering poems’; and that we can choose our own form or write in free verse.

77 thoughts on “In the Street of the Sky – a quadrille

  1. Woww! 😍 This is so dreamy, Kim! ❤ I can picture the night scattering poems “like snowflakes, frost or fallen stars” and love the idea of one dropping into our lap.. sigh .. Beautifully penned! Thank you so much for participating! ❤

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  2. Like a character, in one of Terry Pratchett’s novel expressed, I just love how your poetry can take lethal balls of gases afire and turn them into shiny we miracles that can bejewel someone’s lap. Love the surreal yumminess.

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  3. What a lovely poetic tag you’ve pinned to cumming’s tail. Studying a night sky is being drenched in wonder–and all sorts of philosophic & poetic creativity can swirl out of the spangled darkness.

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  4. oh oh Audacious night! Wow – now that is awesome. 😀

    This is just a wonderful poem Kim. Word perfect in 44 – with such tantalizing and teasing images, bold yet delicate, and I love the ending – about being on “alert” – aware, waiting, just in case something falls into your lap;

    and didn’t it just? this poem, is – ahem – stellar. (sorry, but hey, when a frosted shooting star comes whisking across the sky, and lands as these gorgeous words, this delicious and bold poem?) — well Stellar.


      1. Tried both… but with the monsoon clouds, not a star in sight at any time 🙂 Was out travelling for a couple of weeks but alien skies were no help either! So it’s just a staring match now with the muse!! 🙂

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