A pretty word is etiquette,
similar to pirouette, yet
it rhymes with petty mundane things
like vinaigrette, eau de toilette,
kitchenette, flannelette
or washing at the launderette,
leatherette or stockinette,
or even string-pulled marionettes.
I prefer the dark romance
of a planchette or a silhouette.
I’d rather be a suffragette.

Kim M. Russell, 7th April 2019

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My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Poems in April Day 7 Just One Word: Etiquette

Marian brings us just one word today, ‘etiquette’: the conduct or procedure required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be observed in social or official life.

To me it’s a pretty little old-fashioned word, so I’ve written a nonsense poem!

39 thoughts on “Etiquette

    1. Thanks Sanaa! I haven’t got round to reading or commenting on anyone’s poems yet as I spent yesterday afternoon catching up with Ellen and playing with Lucas. Then I was too tired. 😊


  1. OMG this is my favorite ever! Just love it, love love. Love the rhymes and the point. Love that image too.
    You know, it also brings up in my mind the few times when people described me as “poetess” which MAKES ME WANT TO THROW THINGS
    Love, Kim. Love. xoxoxox

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  2. I love the poem, and remember how stifling the times were in small-town Kelowna in my youth, all the elderly ladies, friends of my Grandma, watching behind lace curtains and reporting to my Grandma if I was seen laughing too loudly in the street. LOL. “What will the neighbours think?” was paramount, and, ultimately, didnt matter a whit.

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  3. Ha, that’s not nonsense! I did love all the great rhyming words you found, but then the last line turned it serious, and brilliantly so. The suffragettes were NOT observers of etiquette. Not when they were chaining themselves to railings, anyway. And yes, wonderful picture too.

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