How many brass lamps must be burnished before my wish is granted? Not even the golden lamps of autumn are furnished with a genie to do my bidding. And heaven has so many stars on which I’ve wished, all silver, like the moon, which gave me seven lines that rhyme, and this poem can be […]


A pretty word is etiquette, similar to pirouette, yet it rhymes with petty mundane things like vinaigrette, eau de toilette, kitchenette, flannelette or washing at the launderette, leatherette or stockinette, or even string-pulled marionettes. I prefer the dark romance of a planchette or a silhouette. I’d rather be a suffragette. Kim M. Russell, 7th April […]

Chilled to their Inner Rings

They wait for spring, those intimate winter trees at the end of the garden: unadorned birches tall, bare and skeletal white trunks shining, patient old friends chilled through with icy winds and frost each morning. Kim M. Russell, 9th February 2019 My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Just One Word: Sensation, also linked […]