How many brass lamps must be burnished
before my wish is granted? Not even
the golden lamps of autumn are furnished
with a genie to do my bidding. And heaven
has so many stars on which I’ve wished,
all silver, like the moon, which gave me seven
lines that rhyme, and this poem can be finished.

Kim M. Russell, 8th November 2019

Image result for paintings and artwork genie of the lamp
Image found on pixels.com

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Just One Word: Burnished

Marian has given us the word today – and it’s ‘burnished’. Here’s a whimsical septet.

37 thoughts on “Burnished

  1. I always wanted an Aladdin lamp that had a genie for me. Not to much to ask for, the genie and several wishes. The question was impotent because I never could find who to ask.
    I loved reading here, seems I’ve been knowing of lamps, genies, and wishes all my life. Blame falls on my mom though Santa was no help either.

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