Chimney Pot

On warm days, when the fire’s unlit,
one or two pigeons often sit
on the roof and on a chimney pot,
where, of course, it’s no longer hot
and there’s no chance of being choked
by the ever-swirling smoke
of winter. In spring and summer,
when I’m busy in the kitchen, I hear
the pigeons’ self-contented coos dropping
down the chimney, gently plopping,
and I stop – smile as I wash the dishes up –
thankful that we have a chimney pot.

Kim M. Russell, 26th April 2019

Image result for pigeons on chimney pots
Image found on Getty Images

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Poems in April Day 26: Reboot, Rewind, Recycle, Rebirth

Karin has shared some of her artwork and asks us to write about moments of re-charging, rebooting, re-winding, re-birthing. She would like us to write generally and not about in-between seasons: moments such as a deep breath, a swallowed words, a spoken word, and they could be brief or very long, as long as we are with the moment or experience.   

26 thoughts on “Chimney Pot

  1. I was a little surprised by the non-rhyme in the middle of the poem (unless I’ve missed something), but it didn’t trouble me. I went on enjoying those pigeons.

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  2. This is incredibly charming, Kim 😍 I love the image of one or two pigeons sitting on the chimney pot and smiled at the mention of their “self-contented coos,” .. love the pacing and brief pause for contemplation and thought as well! Gorgeously rendered. ❤️

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  3. Like it, Kim, lots. Chimney pot saved the day and your home from daring plunders and from themselves. Provided you come for them in due time. For our first chimney we bought a screen cap to cover the top. The next two houses had chimneyless fireplaces.

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  4. I really like how you’ve taken the daily task of washing dishes and made it into a meditative moment. I like pigeons too- there are a flock feeding in my front yard as I write this. I even have a leucistic pigeon among them.

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  5. Season, their change can give us a moment to catch our breath. I love how you wrote about pigeons. There are a much maligned bird. Thank you for your kind comments on my poem. It is actually written about my physical rehabilitation in 2006.

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    1. Thanks Susie. I love having pigeons in the garden. Sadly, in some areas in the UK, residents are not allowed to feed them. I feel sorry for the ones I see at Liverpool Street Station in London, that are missing feet and look starved. At least there’s plenty for them to eat in the countryside.


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