The puncture in my heart
has been slow to mend.
What the bumpy road tore apart
is melding slowly, patched
and glued together.

It will take more than all my years
to remount the bicycle of life,
pump the pedals faster, blow fears
away with breeze through hair
and gasp of stuttering breath,

to repair my shaken heart and bones
long after your death.

Kim M. Russell, 26th September 2019

Image result for paintings and artwork of old bicycles
Image found on Pinterest

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Meet the Bar – Metaphorically Speaking

Björn is our host for Meeting the Bar this week, and we’re revisiting the metaphor. He begins by explaining the difference between metaphors and similes and goes on to discuss the importance of metaphors being new and unique in order to avoid repeating well-known clichés or stealing someone else’s, with an example from Emily Dickinson.

He also reminds us that metaphors are best used to express abstract concepts such as emotions, or describe someone’s character, and that it helps to make the metaphor exact and precise, with an extract from a Pablo Neruda poem.

Björn asks us to invent new metaphors, combine them, and try to surprise.

43 thoughts on “Repair

  1. Whilst it is heartbreaking it is a wonderful metaphor and my sister who is a very mad cyclist would appreciate your choice of metaphor. All that melding and patched with glue but I am beginning to accept that we are as worthy melded as we were when we were shiny and new.

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  2. One of the simplest and truest metaphors for those things we must ride and trust en route to a happy heart. Ain’t easy getting back up on vehicle and relationship which demands faith. Well drawn Kim, you get to the point right off, make your case, and ease off again with neat closing rhyme.

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