Cyborg Skin revisited

From the egg-like membrane
of her head
to the crescent-mooned toes
on her feet,
her skin was yielding
and not synthetic;
soft and warm,
it responded to my touch.

She was programmed
to be forever childlike
but she possessed
an adult logic,
a precociousness
lacking innocence,
as if she knew my every thought;

a hint of malevolence
behind eyes so blue and enthusiastic
disguised by her childish smile.

No babies for would-be single mothers,
broody women in a world without fathers,
nothing to remind those left behind
what it’s like to create humankind;

just the maternal feeling that blooms from within
when caressing your adopted child’s cyborg skin.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Image result for cyborg child

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night: Casting a Spell

Linda is our host for OLN this Thursday and she sets the mood with a Halloween poem by Arthur Cleveland Coxe, a video clip of Poe’s Raven read by Christopher Lee, and she is serving up a Delightful Witches Brew Cocktail at the bar.

I thought I’d resurrect (the only link to Poe) a poem from 2017, which was published in Visual Verse – with a new image.

35 thoughts on “Cyborg Skin revisited

  1. Oh Kim, this is a touching, and slightly creepy, tale of motherhood. Perfect for the season. A world without men. A fantasy likely shared by many women. There is most certainly one I myself could do without! I would not sustain in a world without women.

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  2. “egg-like membrane
    of her head”…….great tactile image, Kim….poem has an eerie Sci-Fi feel to it….as technology catches up with fiction, the possibilities become even more disturbing….well done…JIM

    Liked by 1 person

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