Early Morning Visit from the Owl

In the early hours of morning,
my heart swooped from birch to willow
when an owl called at the window,
a fluty, chilly shiver.

Through the tilted slats of the blind,
the honeyed amber flash of eyes
and fluttering ‘You-ooh-ooh’ drew
me to the frost-kissed pane,

froze my breath in a cloud of ‘Oh!’
as I watched her dive below
from a branch to snatch her prey,
a dream to offer me.

I whispered into darkness,
‘Stay and keep me company,
dawn is just a glimmer
on the seam of earth and sky.’

But she turned her wings against the breeze
and flew back to keep watch in the trees.

Kim M. Russell, 19th November 2019

Image result for free images of snowy owl flying at night

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: Surrealism in Poetry

Linda is our host for this week’s Poetics, an exploration of surrealism in poetry. 

Linda not only shares with us a guide to surrealism, but also poems by poets associated with the surrealist movement: Arthur Rimbaud, Charles Simic and Charles Baudelaire.


29 thoughts on “Early Morning Visit from the Owl

  1. When I was a little girl my Grannie would act out a ditty “I’m a little birdie. I go hop hop. I went to the window to say stop stop stop. I went to the window to say how do you do? BUT she shook her little tail and away she flew.” Of course my grandmother was both the bird and herself which I realize now is the essence of it. Now when I play with the dogs I put my hand in back of my tush like Granny did. When she was the bird now I am the dog wagging my tail with cheer.

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  2. I love that your heart swooped as I think of this as a movement of the owl as well. Beautiful description here as well including frost-kissed pane. I especially enjoy that this is in the first person which means it then happens to me as I read along. A beautiful way to start my morning…seeing your owl.

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  3. Had to look this up: White owl is the symbol of wisdom. The snowy owl is the symbol of endurance. It represents big dreams along with the ability to achieve them. It is the sign of new beginnings and moving forward with all might.

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