January is the month of grey nuances,
banks of cloud rarely broken by sun dances,
mornings when light creeps slowly
in a shadowy wrangle with the unholy
darkness of a moonless, starless night.
The light of grey is never bright,
but in a corner of the charcoal grey
a flash of snowdrops greets the new day.

Kim M. Russell, 5th January 2020

Snowdrops (2)

My response to Poets and Storytellers United Writers’ Pantry #1: Home Is People

What a surprise to get up this morning to a new home and name for Poets United! And what a relief to know that we will continue to have three features a week: Writers’ Pantry (open link) on Sundays, Weekly Scribblings (a prompt) on Wednesdays, and Wild Fridays (random features for word lovers).

Magaly’s our host for the first Writers’ Pantry of the new year and she invites us to add our direct links to poems, stories or articles (new or old) of our choosing. I’ve decided to start with a new poem for a dreary new year.

46 thoughts on “Grey

  1. Well captured & nicely crafted, KR. Salute!
    (Too dark here, at the moment, but the gray is coming. Thanks for reminding me to pay more attention to the flashy snowflakes!)

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  2. Here I am in Australia with our hot summer burning the trees and scrub away thinking that a sudden snowstorm might give the fire fighters all over our land a break! Mindyou a few cms (inches) of rain would help.

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  3. Grey days my end of the country too Kim – but not so bad if you stay inside, out of the oft bitter cold.

    The snowdrops are a lovely welcome sight although I have not seen any yet. The grape hyacinths have broken through and the rate of growth is tremendous and two daffodil bulbs have also begun to sprout. Colour will be here soon!

    Anna :o]

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  4. Kim, this is beautiful – and so relatable here in BC’s winter. Your phrasing and imagery held me spell-bound. I especially like “light creeps slowly in a shadowy wrangle with the unholy darkness…”. Really lovely.

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  5. Lovely, Kim. We are a ways away from snowdrops here, but it is mild and sunny here on the West Coast so we cant complain. Snowdrops will come soon enough. I love those first blooms.

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  6. The sight of snowdrops always makes me feel hopeful. And when they are spotted on days when the new born sun is feeling more energetic than usual, it’s enough to warm me in spite of January winds.

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