A Love Story (for bewildered girls)

After tomorrow,
Saturday will unfurl
in a gathering light:
the beginning of the world
in the middle of the night.

There are faces
in the water inside my head.
I collect postcards
from no man’s land
that no one’s ever read.

That’s how I live now,
all alone in a house
of sand and fog.
I still love that dog.

Kim M. Russell, 23rd April 2020

A Love Story for Bewildered Girls

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Meeting the Bar: Finding Poems in Bookshelves

Björn says it’s time to relax a bit and dive into the concept of found poetry. This week for Meeting the Bar, we are revisiting a book spine poetry, a topic last covered in 2014 by Sam Peralta. The rules are:

  1. Choose books from our bookshelves;
  2. sort them so the titles form a poem;
  3. take a photo of the books;
  4. write down the poem.

Although the titles provide a good backbone for the poem, we may put some flesh on the bones, so we have the option of writing a second version to which we add our own words to form a fuller poem.

I was torn between my collection of children’s/Young Adults’ books, which are on the bookshelf in my study, and my other books which are on bookshelves in the dining room and spare room. Then I mixed them up. Here’s the list and draft poem:

a love story for bewildered girls
after tomorrow
a gathering light
the beginning of the world in the middle of the night
faces in the water
inside my head
postcards from no man’s land
how I live now
house of sand and fog
love that dog

46 thoughts on “A Love Story (for bewildered girls)

  1. You even found some rhymes in the batch; fine job. It’s smooth and connected enough, it could stand alone as an actual created solely by you piece.

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  2. You have got an interesting mix of books – specially intrigued by Gathering light. The last stanza is amazing output:

    That’s how I live now,
    all alone in a house
    of sand and fog.
    I still love that dog.

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    1. Thank you, Sarah. Although I’m still getting twinges from the shingles, the medication seems to have worked and I’m feeling much better. Having received a letter from the NHS and two telephone call, one from Norfolk County Council and one from the the NHS about ‘shielding’, I am doomed to be isolated for a further six weeks or so. I’m going to use the time to write, submit, self-publish, and plant some veg and salad for the summer. How are you?

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  3. I love your title! This is so lyrical. I have House of Sand and Fog on my shelf with other favorites and almost used it. Your last line is such a twist yet makes a satisfying end.

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  4. It truly is a story and each title brings another insightful offering. I like the way the ending adds a lighter touch. I hadn’t even considered using a book for the title. What was I thinking…..or not.
    Loved this, Kim.

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