Maybe It’s Because…

I stared at stars printed on the sky,
the solar system in all its glory,
and thought back to another time,
a different city when Wren designed
the dome that stands so proud beside
the Thames, the best of London’s pride.
I wondered about all who stood inside,
who marvelled at the golden Byzantine
oculus, the gilded niches and its height,
and whispered in the gallery.
Now, I wonder if I’ll ever see it again,
the domed cathedral beside the Thames.

Kim M. Russell, 13th October 2020

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My response to dVerse Poets Pub Tuesday Poetics: Three Little Words

Sarah is back to host Poetics this week and she says she’s keeping it simple and fun with, what I think is, a kind of treasure hunt.

I had never heard of ‘What 3 Words’ before today and had to go and have a look. I couldn’t imagine how the developers could divide the whole world into 3 metre squares and allocated them a combination of 3 words which can help to pinpoint our location exactly. It’s astonishing. I also love the idea of a plantation of poems, of which Sarah has been a part, and which was organised in a similar way. How wonderful to have a poem printed on wood in woodland!

Being a Londoner born and bred, I love this prompt, in which Sarah has done a little tour of London and picked out some three-word combos. She would like us to choose one of them and write a poem (3 – 12 lines long), using the three words. If we go to the what3words website, we can find our spots in London – and use them for further inspiration.

I chose because it took me to St Paul’s Cathedral, which I sometimes visited when I worked nearby. St. Pauls also reminds me of the scene in ‘Mary Poppins’ when she sings ‘Feed the Birds’. The title refers to an old song.

36 thoughts on “Maybe It’s Because…

  1. I think we’re all wondering things like that, Kim. The world seems very distanced at the moment. I love the way you’ve used the words, and that you used St Paul’s as an inspiration, too. It flowed so smoothly I had to read it twice to find the words! I love your rich words – proud, golden, Byzantine, solar, stars – it really captures that Baroque excess.

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  2. Oh you’ve done this so well, Kim. Using the words and connecting them to the Cathedra. I’ve been there….is is absolutely awe inspiring and now your words and image have taken me back there!

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  3. I think there will come a time when we go back and wonder what we did during these days of covid… but with three words we can go on a journey… when I checked out the site I could walk from one side of my house to another passing through different three-word combinations.

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  4. Thanks for the trip to St Paul’s Kim. You might find this hard to believe but I lived in London for three years and never set foot in the place. Byzantine isn’t a word I would have associated with my idea of St Paul’s. I’m glad you used it, it opens up a whole new image for me.

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  5. The complexity and beauty of this piece eclipses the prompt. I, too, had to reread it to find the 3 words, so carefully woven into this tour, this homage.

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  6. This is exquisitely drawn, Kim! I can feel the nostalgia and ache as you lead us to St Paul’s Cathedral. I too am delighted how the developers allocate a combination of 3 words which can help to pinpoint the exact location, correctly. 💝💝 Here’s hoping the world returns back to normal again 🙂

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  7. So poignant. Something that many wonder. We haven’t even been in Philadelphia since February. Of course, I know some of the history of St. Paul’s (and the Mary Poppins scene). I was only in London once–as a child. I remember going to some places, but not St. Paul’s.

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  8. What a beautiful cathedral Kim. I can imagine this as beautiful as our famed Cathedral in Montreal which I visited 2 years ago. Hopefully you and I can see these lovely cathedrals one day in the future.

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  9. As strange a time as Covid has presented, it has yet given all of us a new perspective on our lives and what’s important, I think. I love that you incorporated the words as well as being inspired by the site they represent.

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