The Price

What is the price of gold or silver?
Whatever you are prepared to offer,
but silver is my choice.

What is the price of a stamp?
It depends on the weight
and the meaning of the words.

What is the price of tomorrow?
It is everything
and the value of nothing?

Kim M. Russell, 14th October 2020

My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #41: What’s the Price?

Rommy has given us a tricky prompt this week: she would like us to consider the question “What’s the price?” when plying our pens. She says that the specific wording does not need to appear in the final product, and we should feel free to have a little fun when deciding how to interpret the question.

16 thoughts on “The Price

  1. A very interesting concept, well told. I hasn’t thought much about the value of space for quite a while. Rosemary reminded me today that the buskers along the halls of the London Tube have to reserve and pay for their spaces.

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  2. I love how playfully you dealt with the prompt… and the very serious thoughts behind the set up. It achieves the kind of balance that I adore.

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  3. “What is the price…
    Whatever you are prepared to offer”

    I like that. I often think how things are not WORTH what they sell for, it’s just the asking price and what people are willing to pay. Like sometimes I see something auctioned I like and it goes for next to nothing, then the same item is auctioned again, and at that time someone bids up the price to incredible amounts. Or, a house. A house isn’t really WORTH what is asked these days! I am thinking literally of course, which isn’t really your point, just what it reminded me of.

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