Self-Cultivation During the Pandemic

I’m delighted to have another poem in Visual Verse Volume 7 Chapter 12. This time the ekphrastic inspiration came from an unusual image by Jemima Muir. As usual, my poem is in great company. You can find it on page 26 or you can go straight to ‘Self-Cultivation During the Pandemic‘.

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44 thoughts on “Self-Cultivation During the Pandemic

    1. Things are heating up again over here. Liverpool is locked down for four weeks and Wales is stopping people from outside getting in – I don’t blame them.


  1. Yayy! 💝 Congratulations on having your poem published on Visual Verse, Kim 😀 I love the imagery so crisp and elegant. Especially; “water my imagination, comb my untamed coiffure and snip it into some kind of shape with topiary scissors.” 💝

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  2. Congrats, KR! A wonderful work in good company!
    The phrase, “comb my untamed coiffure” caught my attention, as I realized about an hour into a long sunny drive with My Beloved Sandra that I had not brushed my (wild) hair after this morning’s shower. She coulda mentioned it, I guess…


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  3. kaykuala
    Despite the isolation,
    I thrive on self-cultivation.

    Love the reality of it Kim! Somehow all are forced to adjust and manage through the constraints and difficulties.


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  4. Lots of fun and great response to that unusual image. So liked the final couplet – ‘Despite the isolation,
    I thrive on self-cultivation.’ – one teeny blessing in a disastrous year. Hope you get to that hairdresser in time.

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