From Air to Earth (and different kinds of black)

Tongues of white mist
tangle with trees and bitter-
sweet scent of leaf-rust

tumbling into the obscurity
of tantalising humus,
from Titian hues to Vantablack,

to outer space and back.

Kim M. Russell, 9th December 2020

Autumn Leaf Black - Free photo on Pixabay

My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #49: A B C D E F G …

After focusing on words recently, Rosemary is directing our sights to letters, the building blocks of words. Like Rosemary, I have had an affinity for letters from the start (I never really got numbers) and I too delighted in the magic of being able to put them together to make sounds and words.

Rosemary suggests an interesting exercise: leaving out one letter from a piece of writing. However, the challenge today involves repeating a particular letter, purposefully working a particular one in as often as possible. The choice of letter and subject matter are up to us. She says that if we choose a vowel, we should think about whether we want to use all the sounds it can make or just one.

I chose to write a (sort of) sevenling.

Image found on Pixabay.

27 thoughts on “From Air to Earth (and different kinds of black)

  1. Oh, Kim, this is glorious! Your words do so well at describing a flame in the darkest dark, and then the image makes the whole experience even sharper.

    Also, thank you for introducing me to “vantablack”. I had never heard of the substance before. I love having another word to describe darkness.

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  2. Plenty of “T’s”, Kim. I think that I have encountered ‘Vantablack’ but if I did then I had forgotten. Now that I know I should find out how it is made. But then I don’t even know how an ordinary black crayon is made. 🙂

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