I Am a Swan

For years I felt
like a brown duck
dabbling and upending
in poetic shallow water,

tugging at words and lines
like duckweed and worms,
pulling them into forms.

One day, I felt the span
of my wings grow
and began to soar
with sonnets.

Kim M. Russell, 11th January 2021

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: Dabbling in Poetry

De is our host this Monday and she has us dabbing and dabbling quadrilles, poems of exactly 44 words, including a word of her choice, which is dab, or any form of it.

65 thoughts on “I Am a Swan

  1. This is absolutely stunning, Kim 😀 I love the gradual progression from duck to swan and the image of “dabbling and upending in poetic shallow water,”.. I have always admired your style of writing! 💝💝

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  2. What a wonderful image, to soar with sonnets! I really identify with these lines:
    tugging at words and lines
    like duckweed and worms,
    pulling them into forms.
    The more I do this, sometimes, the more exasperated I get. Perhaps the sonnet gives you the freedom to let the words flow…

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  3. Ah! Lovely 🙂 I remember learning a poem at school about ducks dabbling something something something up tails all!
    Your poem reminded me of it. I’ll try to find it.
    I love the image of tugging at the wormy words.

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  4. There was an absurd cartoon I found years ago. The caption was\ “never give a duck a loaded gun”. Your lovely poem shook something loose ten chambers deep. You amaze me with your love of sonnets. The Haibun and tanka do that for me. Free verse, for me, is tennis with the net down.

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  5. Poetry being so much shorter than other forms (a mere 44 words in this case), you’d think it’d be easy – but every new verse feels like tugging on duckweed and worms. Your quadrille gives all us ducklings / swan-lets hope.

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  6. Kim, You’ve outdone yourself here! What a wonderful connection between the budding poet and the ugly duckling….their growth to spreading their beautiful wings and becoming a swan! Love it!

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