9 thoughts on “A poem on the Katzenworld Blog

    1. My two have the free rei(g)n of our garden and have come to tolerate next door’s old cat. They are otherwise very shy, little scaredy cats especially when confronted with pheasants, and run straight for the back door! Luna is a night cat, who returns when I get up in the wee hours,, and Mojo goes out for an hour or so while I’m drinking my first cup of tea, usually stays outside the window or by the shed, and then returns to my lap or shoulder while I write. She also sleeps on my hip at night.


    1. Wonderful, Ingrid. Congratulations on your cat adoption. I adopted both Luna as a kitten (with her mother, Tosca, who was killed a matter of days before Ellen’s wedding) and Mojo, an orphan, who we hoped would keep a grieving Luna company. Luna rejected Mojo at first, but now they are good companions, although Luna pushes Mojo off my lap and takes her place!

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