14th April 2021 (I may be two days late but I got there finally)

Roused by the brightening of dawn’s light,
after the phantoms of the night,

a thought stirs in a waking mind,
free from the plague of humankind.

Like birds, we have been set free to fly,
small flocks of shadows in the sky,

still masked, but no longer in isolation,
with a muffled sigh of liberation.

Kim M. Russell, 13th April 2021

My response to NaPoWriMo Day Thirteen
Thirteen might be unlucky for some, but today’s prompt could change all that: we are writing poems in the form of news articles we wish would come out tomorrow. I went back to 14th April last year, during the first lockdown, when everything looked so bleak, and re-wrote a poem from the point of view I will have tomorrow when I hope to put a foot back into life outside again. Here is the link to last year’s poem.

10 thoughts on “14th April 2021 (I may be two days late but I got there finally)

    1. No, I haven’t seen them. What happened? I did see pictures of long queues outside Primark in Norwich! I can’t understand why people are so intent on shopping. I’m taking pigeon steps – a cappuccino somewhere local tomorrow, maybe visit the local farm shop. My daughter has plans to take me to Guildford when I visit in June. Loads of time to get used to my freedom.

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      1. Absolutely packed with people drinking outdoors, no social distancing at all. Sitting on each other’s laps. Hugging and kissing, and not giving a toss about anyone else. It’s lockdown that brought three numbers down, not the jab, not yet.


      2. Wow! I’m glad I’m here in a little village in the middle of the Norfolk Broads. Saying that, someone arrived at the house next door yesterday, which is rented out as a holiday home.


    1. Not mask-free, sadly, but still masked, Ron. Shops and gyms and other places reopened in the UK yesterday. The cities look scary to me, so I’m just taking little steps into the local market town tomorrow.


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