My name means gold

At least, that’s what a
          Korean guy told me, who
                    I met in Amsterdam, when I went to buy
                               Matcha and jasmine tea,
joss sticks and a brass frog ashtray, and eat Vietnamese
                    food for my seventeenth birthday,
cooked by a friend
from Paris,
who I never saw again.

Kim M. Russell, 14th April 2021

My response to NaPoWriMo Day Fourteen

Our challenge for today is to write a poem that delves into the meaning of our first or last names. Our inspiration is a poem by Mark Wunderlich, entitled ‘Wunderlich’.

11 thoughts on “My name means gold

  1. Kim, this is sooo nice, I can just see you shopping, seventeenth year birthdays mean you are almost grown up. Well, some are. You did well with the prompt, my last name I was thinking of but your first did good.
    I saw your NaPoWriMo post, you were just a little earlier, I was # 41. But I wrote off prompt as the Weekly Scribblings group was using “bird”. Our two love birds have returned from Mexico to raise another family this year.

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      1. The couple might be offspring of the original. The nest was there when we moved in in 2015, the prior owners bought it new in 2012. I have read where the doves like to winter, central Mexico and some varieties fly on down into Central America.
        We are watching the news of Prince Philip’s life reviewed and of the activity after his death intently. On our TV Networks and also on our BBC News channels.
        We almost feel like Brits having spent so much time in London and around while visiting our daughter and family who lived there five years. She works for BP, British Petroleum and now works for them here in Houston.

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  2. What a wonderful poem Kim –and I didn’t realise that our name meant gold in Korean.

    A weather forecaster from China once told me that Kim has little meaning in China, although it is a common middle name. Because three names are considered lucky, parents use Kim if they can’t think of anything else!

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