I Want to Be Yours

I want to be your mouth wash
drowning in your germs
I want to be your mistle thrush
digging up your worms
if you like tea in a bag
let me be your Earl Grey hag
I don’t want to be a drag
I want to be yours

I want to be your spectacles
see things through your eyes
I don’t want to be an obstacle
I’d rather be a surprise
let me be your mobile phone
you will never be alone
please don’t groan
I want to be yours

Kim M. Russell, 26th April 2021

My response to NaPoWriMo Day Twenty-Six

Today’s challenge is to write a parody, a great way to hone our poetic skills, particularly our sense of rhyme and sound, as we try to mimic the form of an existing poem while changing the content. We just find poems or songs that have always annoyed us, and write altered, silly versions of them. Alternatively, we can find poems with very particular rhyme schemes or forms and use them as the basis for poems that mock something else.

I enjoy the Mancunian tones and mad poetry of John Cooper Clarke. I still have two of his albums on vinyl somewhere. I decided to parody part of ‘I wanna be yours’.

Here’s a link to John Cooper Clarke performing his poem, which has also been recorded by The Arctic Monkeys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tg_AEE9sdk0

And a link to the poem if you don’t know it: http://johncooperclarke.com/poems/i-wanna-be-yours

14 thoughts on “I Want to Be Yours

  1. Didn’t know the poem while I read (& greatly enjoyed) your parody, KR. Then I clicked the link, read the original, & went back to read you again, enjoying it even more. THANK YOU!

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