Bridging Seasons

Winter walked a thin, tight light
among skeletal trees, so bright
against the ashen sky. Quiet
snowflakes painted branches white

~or were they glittering stars? ~

fluttering petals, opening buds,
kissed by sun emerged from clouds
and birds that greeted spring aloud –
to leave us fresh and greenly boughed.

Kim M. Russell, 27th April 2021

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: Build a Bridge

Merril is back this week for Poetics with a lovely quotation from Audre Lorde and one of her own poems, entitled ‘Reaching’. She says that for the last Poetics of this month we’re going to ‘cross bridges, bridge our fears, build bridges over troubled waters, sing about London Bridge falling down, or perhaps whistle as we cross the bridge over the river Kwai.’ 

Merril has introduced a modern poetry form called the Puente, which means bridge in Spanish. This form uses a line with a tilde (~) to connect two stanzas. The first and third stanzas must have the same number of lines, but it can be any number, rhymed or unrhymed. The bridge line is one single line connecting the first and third stanzas. The last line of the first stanza and the bridge line are a couplet, and the bridge line and the first line of the third stanza are a couplet. The bridge line then often connects stanzas written from different points of view or about different ideas.  Sounds tricky.. 

Our challenge is to either write a poem about bridges OR to write a Puente.

54 thoughts on “Bridging Seasons

  1. I am literally swooning right now 😍 such stunning, stunning wordsmithing here, Kim and the bridge really works in connecting those seasons. 💝

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  2. This puente builds the perfect bridge between winter and spring! Stars into blossoms and even the crisp end rhymes of the first stanza soften into half-rhyme and assonance in the third. A delightful transformation!

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  3. A beautiful puente Kim and a lovely bridge between Winter’s ‘thin, tight light’ and the opening buds of Spring 💚

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  4. Though we’ve had a month of spring by the calendar, the weather hasn’t figured it out yet making me really feel this bridge between the winter and spring of your lovely write. So well penned!

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  5. Wish you were sitting beside me Kim….you would have heard and audible “ohhhhh” escape my lips as I finished reading this silently….my reaction was not silent. What beautiful imaging and rhyming that makes it just roll off the page in those last lines!

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