Gráinne Ellen

Her names originate 
from myth and legend, 
and she bears them 
with a graceful nonchalance. 

From the Celtic word for sun,
Gráinne, daughter of Cormac,
was promised to the hero 
Fionn mac Cumhaill.

She could be a descendant 
of Gráinne Ní Mháille, 
landowner of Mayo 
and Irish pirate queen.

It’s hard to pronounce, 
even if you find it cool, 
and it’s harder still when spelling,
it was easier to call her Ellen, 

fitting for a girl child
born at full moon.

Kim M. Russell, 26th April 2023

On Day Twenty-Six of NaPoWriMo, we are writing portrait poems that focus on or plays with the meaning of the subjects’ names, possibly self-portraits, a portraits of family members or close friends, or even portraits of famous or historical people. The photograph is of Ellen and me in Dublin in 1985.


5 thoughts on “Gráinne Ellen

  1. I lived in Dublin for 4 years studying for my first degree at DIT (has a different name now). Did some traveling too to Wicklow, Galway, Kerry, Waterford. It was a grand time 🙂

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