Ballad of Dark Beauty

Her dress of bombazine was wrappedaround her mottled body like a shroud,her hair was winter-dark, a raven trappedin the violent weir, so cold and loud. She lived apart, contemptuous and proud,believed to be a wanton witch, a lonelywanderer on the heath, at one with cloud,rain, moon and stars. She was the only night dancer on […]

Between the Shelves

She wrote him a ballad between the Classics and the Poetry shelves in the public library, inhaling papery pheromones. She spotted his shadowy figure between periodicals and autobiography, held her breath to stop the erratic timpani of her heart and the blood-red symphony surging in her ears. The poem slipped from her sweaty fingers, drifted […]

The Ballad of Methuselah and Dahlia

My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #118 “July 18th, 2016” Methuselah was the barkeep At the local bar and grill, Who had a presentiment For every kind of evil. Below a wall of antlers, He stood behind his counter, Struggling to choose Between life as a hunter And as a residual booze Serving guardian angel To […]