The Beckoning

Along the fields and lanes, sloe and blackthorn hedges are humming with bees. Beneath the trees and along the edges, bluebells cast a heady scent into a wistful April breeze that teases the branches of overdressed trees, spilling pollen, a sugary omen of fruitfulness. In morning’s flickering light and shadow, crocuses beckon with purple and […]

With the Volume Turned Down Way Too Low

I hope it’s only temporary, this cotton-wool muffle of everyday sound, with random crackle of static, constant shower of white noise and high-hat cymbal of gravel on an empty road. I’m bombarded with percussion when I want to hear words, a human voice, the television and the ring of the telephone. Until normal service is […]


Anguished cries of lapwings rise from deep in sedgy fields to sky; their tinny raspings bring to mind an anguish of a different kind: the mewling of a starving child; a young girl’s screams as she’s defiled; a mother’s keening of despair; a grandmother’s calm and care as she sings a soothing lullaby of winter […]

Yellow butterflies…

illuminate the hedgerows imitating clouds of primrose landing on the sensual mouths of bluebell, scilla and hyacinth, intoxicated on their April scent Kim M. Russell, 2018 My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads NaPoWriMo Get Listed: Poems In April Edition Sanaa has shared with us a spring poem about by Edna St. Vincent Millay. […]