They Don’t Know They’re Dead

They cling like mist, damp and chilly on my coat, as I stand at the bus stop by the cemetery gates, aware that it could be an uncomfortable wait. I stare at my feet to ignore the embarrassed stares of other people in the queue and the pleading eyes of those who breached the cemetery […]

Birds of a Feather

Bellowing blarney in bare twigs, the oncoming storm is accompanied by gravel-rasp of crows and reverberating raven echoes. High above the ridge, the first appears, joined by a second artist of the air, wingtip to wingtip, rolling and diving, tearing apart the leaden shroud of cloud in a monsoon of rain and feathers: birds battling […]

A Round of Robins

Tucked into a bowl of shallow hills, where icicles hang and chill snow spills over the valley like milk on cornflakes, is a cosy chocolate yule log cabin, home to the guardian of Christmas robins. Stoking a crackling stove with wood, she prepares a feast of woodland food: fat balls, berries, nuts and seeds to […]