Overshadowed by David

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Chisel me a conversation


When Michelangelo

First touched his chisel to my skin

My invisible fingers gripped it from within,

In a struggle to be released

From this marble prison.

Sculpting myself through his hands,

I freed my legs until I could stand,

Muscles in thighs and calves tensed to run.

I raised my torso,

Then an arm,

Poised to punch away the stone…

And here I am,



By the one that got away.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016

Overshadowed by David

I took this photograph at the Accademia when we were in Florence, a few days before my daughter’s wedding. My husband’s family had never seen Michelangelo’s David and my brother-in-law was surprised to see the four prisoners in the hall that leads to David, so I explained to him why they are ‘incomplete’.

Hall of Prisoners

Image from www.accademia.org


16 thoughts on “Overshadowed by David

    1. I’ve visited the Accadenia in Florence twice and both times, even though the statue of David is obviously very special, while everyone else oohed and aahed about it, I was drawn to the four prisoners.


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