I hold the fragile, hollow shaft bone
carefully between fingers and thumb,
study its iridescent greens and blues
playing tricks and changing hues
as I turn it in the light.
In this fractal fragment of flight,
old now, discarded and renewed,
I sense the sorrowful stare of eyes,
preserved forever in a poet’s quill,
in the interfering shimmers that still
Hera’s grief for Argus,
in a pearlescent peacock’s tale.

Kim M. Russell, 2017


Image found on Pinterest

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Artistic Interpretations – Beauty

Today’s theme is ‘beauty. Our host, Margaret, says that there are many poems celebrating what is beautiful and has shared a link to a few famous “beauty” poems.

For this prompt, one may write about beauty or ponder the symbol of the peacock, often referred to as ‘the most beautiful bird in the world’. Margaret tells us that, like the crow and raven, the peacock is often referred to in folktales, fables, myths, and superstitions.  She has shared further links with fascinating background information on peacocks. If we don’t want to write about beauty in general, we should feel free to write about the peacock. 


18 thoughts on “Feather

  1. I love this! Such a wonderfully bewitching poem, Kim!❤️ Especially drawn by; “I sense the sorrowful stare of eyes,preserved forever in a poet’s quill,in the interfering shimmers that still Hera’s grief for Argus,in a pearlescent peacock’s tale.” Beautifully executed.❤️

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      1. For it has been a while, I just wanted to say, ‘Love, Love your writings; there’s such an eclectic range of Emotions and Imagery. The delivery of All your Writings -TRULY FANTABULOUS!’ (@–>–)

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Susie. I have taken up walking round the football pitch and recording my thoughts on OneNote on my mobile phone. The goalposts were the first thing I commented on yesterday afternoon. I write up my notes in a file and when I saw the prompt I just knew I had to write about them!


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