The Second to Last Bird of Sunset

I look up at a vacant sky;
except for one small cloud
and the inkling of a crescent moon
it’s empty –
and then, there they are,
swerving, climbing,
swooping, flocking
into the sunset.
as the sun drops
into the dark slot of night,
the second to last bird’s wings
briefly singe,
forever cast in a bronze tinge.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

The Second to last Bird of Sunset

Image found on Pinterest

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Penultimatums: Voyages’ End (Almost)

Brendan has reminded us that we are almost within sight of the end of our month-long journey in verse and today we are presented with this penultimate daily challenge. He says that myths tell us that the next-to-last station of a journey is often its richest, pregnant with meanings which often don’t reveal themselves until we have turned some corner—given up on a quest, let go a loved one, endured through, made it home.

Our challenge is to write a poem that describes the penultimate in some fashion.


26 thoughts on “The Second to Last Bird of Sunset

  1. What a powerful image you present here ( before I got to the photos I saw it) That ‘second to last’ is a really clever way to dance the penultimate dance in your poem. As always Kim something to think about and to savour here.

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  2. A few minutes ago I stepped outside to marvel at the sliver of moon which looks so close tonight, then to come in and read your poem.. Such a symbiotic moment.

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  3. Such a classic title and what a revelation! How much more is there that you have lingered on that penultimate bird, letting the final bird be the sweeping conclusion which may be unnamable. Fine fine response to the challenge …

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