The girl in the corner…

that was me,
knitting furiously,
jumpers, hats and scarves,
while sipping wine from a sticky glass
and smoking roll-ups
when a pattern got tough.
I’d sing along to Neil Young and Joni,
nod to prog rock, smiling shyly,
never one to socialise,
knitting in shadows of different plies.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Girl in the corner

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Music with Marian: Watch the Corners

Marian has shared a track by guitar hero J. Mascis and his band Dinosaur Jr. She says she figures any Toads who might be parents, and/or who know and love teenagers, and/or who were ever teenagers themselves, can appreciate and find some fodder for writing in this song.


14 thoughts on “The girl in the corner…

  1. A fine tight little self-portrait. For those of us who lived through that time, I think wondering which figure we were is part of the latter rite of passage. I was the one who fell off the stage leaping high for the final chord. Wishing I had stuck to knitting poems.

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  2. Oh, I love this too. What a gorgeous photo! Love. I never learned to knit and was not for corners… fun to consider how things might have been different. I feel like I knew you then, just from this portrait. Wonderful.


    1. Very true, unless it’s crowded! I was once berated for accidentally prodding someone with a knitting needle, who threatened to pour their drink on the almost completed item I was knitting as a present for a friend. Knitting on trams and buses could also be tricky. 🙂


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