Garrulous and Green

this morning serenaded

just a gush of liquid notes

a stream of consciousness

cracked and solitary hearts

an untimely declaration
of spring

Kim M. Russell, 24th February 2021

My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #58: Two Into One Will Go

Thank you for featuring Candy’s newly-invented form, Rosemary, which I think you know I have already explored. Now I have another chance!

30 thoughts on “Garrulous and Green

  1. I’m holding out for the harmony of joy your poem promises. This has the feel of a choir with the end words/ phrases feeling like the soloist’s part to impress the mood fully into the audience.

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  2. I love the birds’ songs, you did justice to what they might be singing about. The kind I really like I think are the mocking birds who on a whim or reason sing from housetop to housetop. I used to be able to sing their song but have forgotten the words now.

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