Five Answers

i. It is the inhalation of the stalwart scent of decaying seaweed. ii. It is the thrill of rollercoaster cliffs from cuspate crag to hidden cove. iii. It is the underfoot crunch of cockleshells and the landslip of pebbles. iv. It is the salty sparkles v. and the guttural gulls swooping down and stealing chips. […]

Plum Nelly

Late sun splashes in the summer sky,flashes in the tears every time I seeplump ripe plums hanging in our tree,like the juicy ones she used to buyin brown paper bags to share with me.Their purple musk evokes a sighof scents from grandmother’s scullery;laundry in a copper, hot and bubbly,sprigs of mint, roast on Sunday,cloves and […]

Unexpected Bells

‘The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of flowers.’ Matsuo Basho Silence drips into the sodden solitude of a deep druidic wood, goose-pimple chilled and tangle wild. All at once, the path Is broken by a sunny glade scattered with spikes of new nettle growth and, ringing through the leafy […]