horizontal line scrawls, descending from the sky to the lake below flash of white as tails upend moon-shimmered sails wavering Kim M. Russell, 2017 My response to Thotpurge’s Micropoetry Month Rajani has kicked off the November 2017 Micropoetry Month with a couple of modern haiku/senryu.  She says, If the poems or the theme or just […]

Eyes Wide Open

At five o’clock, the moon’s face Peered into my window, Suspended in the space Between the branches of the willow, Pregnant with poetry. At six, I blindly tip-toed down the shadow Of the stairs, carefully Cradling my lunar embryo, Crooning a lullaby, a celestial tune To soothe the baby moon. At dawn, the poem was […]

Echoes of Twilight

On the air, the taste of frost; breath of wood smoke and tang of leaves are suspended in twilight. A full moon reaches out to touch reflections splintering the white, tinged with bright lights of Christmas trees. Twinkling through the streetlight’s glow, intimate lamps of home remind us that its time to make our way. […]

In Honour of the Moon

The sky is shattered glass in dead of night, Crackling and pulsating with splintered light; A mass of constellations burning bright And scintillating in shimmering white, In honour of the moon, Earth’s satellite.   © Kim M. Russell, 2016 My response to Jane Dougherty Writes Poetry challenge #50: Fifty For the fiftieth challenge, Jane has given us […]