Shakespeare’s Women

If I were to save a piece of Will, from all the pleasure he has given me, I’d need the wit of Beatrice to sway my choice and the cunning of the Nurse to keep it to myself: the women who populate his plays, living on today in modern Mirandas and Violets, Ophelias, Lady Macbeths, […]

Hitchhikers on the Wind

It starts with an ephemeral puff of delicate seed-heads in a child’s hand, waiting for the wind, hitchhikers free to take sunshine wherever they land. A dandelion may start life as a fragile seed, a tickle in a downy clock a drifter on a breeze, but it can crumble paving stones and rock and, before […]

The Beckoning

Along the fields and lanes, sloe and blackthorn hedges are humming with bees. Beneath the trees and along the edges, bluebells cast a heady scent into a wistful April breeze that teases the branches of overdressed trees, spilling pollen, a sugary omen of fruitfulness. In morning’s flickering light and shadow, crocuses beckon with purple and […]

Nature Haiku to Ease the Pain

errant porpoises trapped inside the harbour wall the sun’s a beachball call of the harbour nets strung between the boatsheds sparkling with sea salt avalanche of fish tumbling down the harbour wall no more plastic bags Kim M. Russell, 17th April 2020 My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads NaPoWriMo Day 17 Play it […]