A Recipe for Insanity

eviscerate and bone me batter and bake me blind take my sweetness to the hard-crack stage and caramelise my mind splinter me brittle with mortar and pestle quadrille me with sanity fine-edged with a sharpening steel from your batterie de cuisine of the surreal Kim M. Russell, 2016 My response to dVerse Poets Pub Tuesday Poetics […]

Waves like Arabian Stallions

(covering Patti Smith’s ‘Horses’) in a sea of possibilities I’m surrounded by waves like stallions horses coming from all directions noses flaming white manes shining stars in the black mare of night up against a sea wall I seize the first possibility in a crash of waves coming in like Arabian stallions lapping into sea […]

Poetic Pizza

We kneaded the dough together, your small hands and mine, fingers probing for elusive elasticity. You picked basil from the pot on the windowsill, rubbing the leaves, breathing in each pungent puff. We cried onions, tasted tangy tomato and  snacked hungrily on chewy cheese as we chopped and sliced. At the pizza restaurant in the […]