Ghost of a Chance

What is this twilight,
this world of shadow?
Neither day nor night,
we name it limbo,
the crumbling ledge
on the fiery edge
of hell. We think we know
it well, and yet the glow
of hellfire is tempting
compared with the empty
darkness of uncertainty.
Anything to stave
a spiritual void beyond the grave.

Kim M. Russell, 30th April 2019

Image result for hieronymus bosch limbo
Limbo, Hieronymus Bosch – image found on Wikipedia

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: Limbo

This Tuesday, for the last day of NaPoWriMo, our guest host is M (grapeling) and the prompt is Limbo. We have examples of poems and a song about limbo, and even a video clip. Are we in limbo, waiting, in some aspect of our lives or do we contort ourselves to meet this or that requirement? We don’t have to incorporate both meanings, or even use the word itself – we can use a synonym. But we should try to keep it under 100 words or even try a ‘55’.

37 thoughts on “Ghost of a Chance

  1. Pray for the unbaptized and excommunicated; this is the kind of thing that turned me off from most organized religions. Now I feel comfortable midway between Zen and New Age.


  2. I like this Kim. “The crumbling ledge on the fiery edge of hell”. Powerful vision, as is the Bosch image. Interesting that you see it as a gateway to hell. I always saw it as the waiting room for heaven, for folks with just a thing or two to work out before they embark for paradise. I liked your piece here…!

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    1. Personally, I don’t think of limbo as anything
      other than a primitive way of making sense of death. It’s the hell (and limbo) on earth that concerns me most, Rob.


    1. I think that is what most people feel, uncertainty about what happens when we die, which is why humans cling to anything they are offered. I wonder if animals wonder about heaven, hell and the afterlife.


  3. Like all the best poems, there’s more than one level. All those poor babies – left nowhere- how cruel – but under it there’s that push and pull, the wish for certainty, even if it’s terrible. It’s one of your best, I think.

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  4. Hi Kim. I appreciate how elegantly you’ve outlined the edges of Hell, here. Limbo – sort of Hell-light, I suppose, and like you, I marvel at our bipedal species immense capacity for aiming to remain blind. ~

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  5. I’ve never been one for organized religion yet I do believe in a magnificent presence. I can’t look at the intricacies within nature and believe it’s all a result of science. Well done Kim!

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