Tales of Lake and Sky

This March we have Volume 8 Chapter 5 of Visual Verse, with an image by Stefan Keller. My poem is on page 24. As always, I recommend reading all the poems in the issue but, if you want to go straight to mine, it’s called ‘Tales of Lake and Sky‘.  You can also read my past […]

The Art of Being Human

This being human is a circus trick.Day after day you perfect your act:a   t i g h t r o p e   w a l kbetween      now     and     then,a flourish,and then back again,one foot in front of the other.It’s juggling swords,eating fiery words,putting your head in a lion’s mouthand inhaling its meaty breath.It’s the highsand […]

Star Watcher

After watching the stars all night, she was still out there, in the frozen outdoors, tracking a comet across the sky. It was slow-moving, not as bright as she expected, and then it changed course, heading towards her. The light stopped in mid-air, pulsing a shade of blue she’d never seen before. She thought, “I […]

A Seasonal Relationship

this is the season of the wistful                                                     goodbyeto early morning’s frosty chill                                                      hellosnowdrop, crocus and daffodil                                                      a skyinstead of cloudy grey spills                                                      clear bluewhen the promise of sunshine thrills                                                      anewas winter turns its back on us                                                      againthe pang of regret will pass                                                      amen Kim M. Russell, 10th March 2021 My response to Poets and Storytellers […]

To the young poet of the future

Dear poet, I picture you gazing at a star, concerned that you are still so far from being the poet you wish to become. From my position of restrospection I promise that your journey is the best lesson: you will be buffeted by storms and squalls, fluctuations in the weather of the soul, soothed by […]